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Our Sales Staff


Here at Fallin Tractor Company, third and fourth generation Tommy and Shaun Fallin together, offer you their in-depth knowledge of Kubota, Polaris and Bad Boy Lawnmowers along with an over all understanding of mechanics. When this father and son say, "They have worked here all their lives", they honestly have with one of  their first tasks given was to sweep the floors. Starting at the bottom and at a very young age, they both learned to watch, listen and learn from the generations that came before them. In the photos below, you can actually see Shaun sweeping these very floors in October of 1989 at the age of three. If you look closely at one of the other old photos, you will notice another familiar face; It was move in day, May 1977, where 16 year old Tommy Fallin and his mom are busy at work filling bins in the parts room. Today, 40 years later, Tommy and Shaun repeatedly walk through those old, familiar doors to the parts room and yes, they often find themselves sweeping the floors too! With a combined 85 years of "hands-on" experience, there should be no doubt as to where you need to take your business! Fallin Tractor Company - Where Experience, Knowledge and Dependability can always be found!